ClareOne and FusionPro Training

1 hour and 30 minutes

Everything you need to know about Clare's new flagship ClareOne Panel. Learn how to sell, install and program with Clare's new suite of offerings.

Programming and Professional security monitoring has never been easier. With Clare's FusionPro Dealer programming platform, Learn how to manage your Company, create customer accounts, set up security and much more.

Learning modules:

  1. CO101 - ClareOne Intro
  2. CO102 - Clare Programs
  3. CO103 - My First Install
    1. Into to Fusion Pro
    2. Adding Customer Accounts and Service Plans
    3. Adding Devices and Customer On-boarding
  4. CO104 - Unboxing the ClareOne
  5. CO105 - ClareOne Installation
  6. CO106 - Powering Up the ClareOne
  7. CO107 - ClareOne Settings
  8. CO108 - Part 1 ClareOne User Interface
  9. CO999 - ClareOne Final Exam

Course Objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Speak intelligently about the ClareOne Panel and FusionPro
  • Efficiently install the ClareOne Panel
  • Easily navigate and be comfortable using FusionPro
  • Add staff, customer accounts, central stations, and professional security monitoring
  • Test your ClareOne installation using the provided tools


LESSONS INCLUDED - eLearning and Live Training

Title Status
CO101 ClareOne Intro Not Enrolled
CO102 Programs You Should Know Not Enrolled
CO103 Part 1 - Intro to FusionPro Not Enrolled
CO103 Part 2 - Adding Customer Accounts and Service Plans Not Enrolled
CO103 Part 3 - Adding Devices and Customer Onboarding Not Enrolled
CO104 Unboxing The ClareOne Panel Not Enrolled
CO105 ClareOne Installation Not Enrolled
CO106 ClareOne Setup Wizard Not Enrolled
CO107 ClareOne Panel Settings Not Enrolled
CO108 Part 1 - ClareOne Panel Interface Not Enrolled
CO999 ClareOne Final Exam Not Enrolled
Lessons in this course must be completed in order.